Support us

SPONSORSHIP SCHEME:  If, for some reason, a cat is unable to share your life, perhaps you would be willing to donate a regular amount to the branch, or sponsor a long-term fostered cat on a monthly basis.  We have several cats in our care who are difficult to rehome for one reason or another - they may be older cats, have been traumatized by neglect or cruelty, be too timid to rehome, have long-term health problems or be feral or semi-feral cats who will never want to live indoors. Sponsorship of a cat is a great idea if you have children who are allergic, but still want to learn about the care of a cat; or perhaps you live near a busy road or in a flat unsuitable for a cat - please think of sponsorship, it makes such a difference to cats and kitten in our care!  

By donating a regular amount to the Branch you will be helping to care for a cat that needs to remain with us long term or permanently. We encourage you to donate a minimum of £3 per month but any amount helps us to continue our work and is very much appreciated. Please note that any donations you make to us are paid directly into the Branch account, ensuring that you are specifically helping cats in Barnsley . You can also do this via our sponsor us button at the top of the home page.