Information about Trap, Neuter, Return

15 November 2018

In line with other local cat charities we do not trap, neuter and return feral/stray cats in winter. The cold weather has adverse effects on recovery following anaesthetic and surgery. Our TNR activity will recommence in March 2019. During the winter you may you wish to provide shelter for feral cats and there is lots of advice on line for making DIY shelters. Here are a couple of ideas for insulated shelters which will help keep cats cosy when its cold....

Fosterers needed

27 January 2018

If you are at home most of the day and wondering how you can help animals in your area, please consider becoming a volunteer fosterer for Barnsley Cats Protection. Our fostering team accommodates cats/kittens in a variety of ways such as: in a spare room, in part of the house, with free run of the house, or in purpose-built garden pens as the cats cannot go outside or mix with your own pets. All the cats ready for homing on our website are being fostered now in one of those ways. Most ...